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We have high-performance and well-maintained minibuses, tempo travellers, and luxury vehicles like cabs for rentals in Bangalore

Travelling opens the door to delightful existence, and the option of renting a minibus is the foundation for making the entire voyage happy, comfortable, and cradle-like. Minibus rentals in Bangalore have the mentioned features in harmony with your needs and aspiration during your ride. Minibus rental services from Tejas Travels have eminent features to make long journeys stress-free, smooth and comfortable for all age groups.

The options for Fully Air-Condition(Cool + Warm) and non-air-conditioned minibuses are available. Our minibuses have an Audio System, Video System, Comfortable seat with pushback (2 X 2), Spacious leg space with footrest, Air Suspension, Decent Interiors, Open/Close Windows and Mike System and more. Minibuses also have amenities such as comfortable blankets and charging connections.

  • The luxury minibus rental by Tejas Travels is sanitised from time and time as per COVID-19 protocol.

Minibus rental services are one of the most prevalent and widely used modes of transportation. Most individuals nowadays prefer to use minibus rental services for numerous types of journeys and trips. Rental transportation services are great for moving a large group of individuals like corporate events, meetings, weddings, and more. Now hire the minibus of your choice for rentals with a click of a button. We have access to transparent detailing, Tejas Travels supports easy online booking and also ensures comfort, and expert professional services round the clock all through the year.

Large minibuses like the 26-seater minibus on rent, 27-seater minibus rental, 29-seater minibus rent, 30-seater minibus on hire, 32-seater minibus rental for travel, 33-seater minibus rental services, 35-seater minibus rental, 40-seater minibus rental, 45-seater minibus rental, 49-seater minibus rental, 50-seater minibus rental are available with transparent fare details, convenient bookings, easy cancellations and refunds.

You may now order a whole minibus for your wedding at a very reasonable and unmatched price. A full sleeper minibus booking can be made at any time for the journey to travel with family or friends. Now, you can book a full sleeper ac minibus online for a journey that fits any budget and in any season. A complete minibus reservation can be ideal for making the entire trip memorable. In Bangalore, the minibus fee or minibus price per kilometre varies according to the number of seats.

Tejas Tours offers excellent minibus services for minibus travel within Bangalore and outstation travel purposes. Rates for the minibus rental in Bangalore with Tejas Travels are evaluated carefully and moderately priced, keeping the minibus rent price in Bangalore for luxury coach rentals.

Customer service is available both before and during your trip. Our customer service centres are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We accept the physical and online modes of payments by Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Internet Banking, Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm and Wallets.

The luxury minibus rentals or hire rates can be viewed on our website for minibus rental services. Minibus services are regularly conducted to provide a smooth riding experience each time you choose our luxury minibus services for travel.

Luxury minibus rentals in Bangalore are the most popular option for travelling as a family. Choose a luxury minibus rental if one wishes to hire a minibus to ride within the city limits. The minibus rent per km in Bangalore rates is most appropriate for comfortable travel for outstation journeys too. The minibus rental by Tejas Travels provides ample leg space and luggage space to travel as a family. Passengers do not have to wait in crowded railway stations and local minibus hires. Minibus bookings can be rescheduled easily, unlike railways. Convenient drop points and pick-up spots make the journey planning simpler.

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Customer Reviews

star icon5.0

Shanker Challuri

Travelled to Bangalore

We have travelled in Tejas Tour and Travels for 8 days. It was a fabulous experience in traveling 16 seater vehicle. Drivar Mr.Nagaraju was cooperative and friendly. We have enjoyed the trip lot.. thanks to Tejas.

star icon5.0

vidya sagar

Travelled to Bangalore

Traveled in 25 seater AC minibus and covered coorg, udupi, chikmagalur over 6 days. The driver Shiva sankar Reddy is very polite and co operative. Bus is in good condition and had bluetooth connectivity. Appreciate the safe driving but would have been better if the vehicle had covered the distances in less time and addition of a attender to help the driver in narrow and ghat roads. I strongly recommend Tejas travels for fellow travellers....

star icon5.0

Subhendu Mohanty

Travelled to Bangalore

Very good experience. Travelled to coorg with family and friends in 13 seater luxury bus. The driver, Ravi was very cooperative and helpful. Even though there were some minor maintenance issues with the bus, the driver promptly took care of them. The bus was also comfortable for a group of 12-14. 5 stars for the experience.

star icon5.0

darshankumar c

Travelled to Bangalore

Good service 16 seater bus is good facility AC vehicle & Friendiy driver and best rate good communication from the tejas team



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