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Safety and convenience are top priorities for Tejas Travels, your reliable bus transportation partner in Bangalore, Mysore, and beyond for students and educational institutions. Our services provide safe and effective commuting for schools, colleges, and institutions.

We provide clean, well-maintained buses, knowledgeable drivers, and personalized transportation schedules for everyday school transit as well as instructional excursions and special events. You can depend on us for safe school busing, dependable primary transportation, and school bus transportation.

Our All-inclusive Solutions for School Transportation:

Busing Schools

Busing Schools:

Tejas Travels is a top-notch transportation provider for schools of all kinds. We are the best option for busing schools because we put student safety first. Travels are safe and comfortable thanks to our well-kept buses and knowledgeable drivers.

Education Bus Transportation

Education Bus Transportation:

Our education bus transportation services are designed to meet the specific needs of Indian educational institutions. We work together with universities and institutions to develop transportation schedules that fit their financial constraints and timetables, freeing up teachers to concentrate on providing high-quality instruction.

Elementary Transportation

Elementary Transportation:

With a focus on elementary transportation, Tejas Travels makes sure that young children are safely transported to and from school. For Indian schools, our skilled drivers provide a solid service.

Student Transportation Management

Student Transportation Management:

You can focus on providing high-quality instruction because of our effective student transportation management, which streamlines logistics. This guarantees easy and safe journeys for Indian students as well as educators.


Bus Transportation for Schools:

When it comes to school picnic transportation in Indian cities, Tejas Travels is the best option. They offer nice and safe buses for children to utilize, making the trip enjoyable for everyone.


The Advantages of Using Tejas to Book School Vehicles:

Children should use hired transportation to go to and from school, according to the majority of parents and schools. When all the benefits and drawbacks are considered, it is unquestionably the greatest choice compared to bringing a child to school by bicycle, walking, taking public transit, or privately owned automobiles. Along with their classmates and friends, children are also traveling in superior transportation, creating a happy environment.

Hiring a car for school transportation has a number of advantages, one of which is that the child will benefit from increased social connection and participation. Teachers that accompany students on such journeys to school will have a better understanding of the student's behavior since there is interaction outside of the classroom. In addition, kids can use this time to enjoy window-watching on the way home or to school and have some spare time away from their regular schoolwork.

Prioritizing safety:

We put your students' safety first by using expert drivers, legally registered and insured cars, and routine maintenance inspections to guarantee safe transportation for Indian school children.


Tejas Travels promises dependable transportation in well-kept cars with the newest security measures. We follow rigorous timetables to guarantee on-time arrival to Indian schools.

Economy of Cost:

We provide affordable solutions that spare schools from the costs of gasoline, payroll, and administration. A reliable option for school transportation in India.


Tejas Travels makes school travel easier, reducing anxiety for both children and teachers. Through student transportation management, a committed member of the school staff or agency makes sure that drop-offs and pick-ups go well.


With their secure and cozy seats, our cars put the comfort of the students first. Students are guaranteed a pleasurable experience with high-quality materials and safety measures. a safe option for school bus transportation.

Reduced Traffic:

By lowering traffic congestion, using Tejas Travels for school transportation benefits the environment. Due to the fact that we save school staff money and time, we are an excellent choice for busing schools.


For school, are you prepared?

When it comes to reliable, secure, and reasonably priced school transportation, Tejas Travels is the company of choice for Bangalore students and other educational institutions. A secure and pleasurable journey is ensured by our skilled drivers, immaculately maintained buses, and well planned routes.

Choosing Tejas Travels not only facilitates school transportation but also contributes to less traffic and a better environment. Contact us right now to discuss your specific needs and receive a quote that is tailored to your needs.

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