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45 min read | April 22, 2024

Discovering Bangalore and surrounding places with friends and family can be best done in a Tempo Traveller, also called the tempo van, tt van, tt vehicle or tempo car. The Tempo traveller rate per km is very affordable and you get a great travel experience with the tt van as well. There is no compromise on the travel experience with the tempo van. Not only is this vehicle the most compact minibus that can easily move around in the congested roads of Bangalore but it is also a modern vehicle with all the needed comforts. The reliability of the tempo van is unquestionable as it has been around for years and has always been a perfect partner for road journeys.

Traveller on rent
Traveller on rent

Explore the city that is most popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India with a traveller on rent. Bangalore has a great experience to offer with its gardens, cultural, religious and architectural wonders, modern buildings, pubs, restaurants, street food, galleries, museums, etc.

Take a traveller on rent in Bangalore and enjoy the vibrant nightlife in the best Pubs with your friends and colleagues.

Reasons why traveller on rent makes sense:

Comfortable group travel: The Tempo Traveller on rent makes a lot of sense for group travel as it has a spacious interior space and offers ease of movement. The seats of the tt vehicle are extremely comfortable and you will not feel any fatigue even while travelling for long hours.


The tempo car is the most affordable vehicle as the per kilometre rate is low and it can seat 8, 12, 18, or more passengers, depending on the vehicle configuration you choose. A perfect amalgam of comfort, reliability and affordability; the tempo traveller is your best group travel partner on the road.

Variety of seating configurations: 8, 12, 18, and more passengers:

There are various models available with Tejas Tours and Travels that can seat from 8 to more than 18 passengers in comfort. This gives the customers flexibility which is needed to accommodate their dynamic requirements.

Modern amenities:

This minibus has all the modern amenities needed by today’s generation. There are light points if one wishes to read and write. There are cooling vents at suitable places and charging points are also provided. An audio system and LCD screen are provided for non-stop entertainment so that you reach your destination with a smile on your face.

Right dimensions for city traffic
Right dimensions for city traffic

Being a compact vehicle, the Tempo traveller is best suited for city travel. It is easy to manoeuvre and park. Having a high ground clearance makes it glide over the potholes and it is also perfectly suited for highways and bad roads.

Ample luggage space:

There is ample luggage space overhead inside the vehicle and on top of the vehicle.


Apart from the mandatory safety features that make vehicles safe, seat belts are provided for every passenger.

Amazing comfort:

Although the dimensions of the vehicle are compact from the outside, it offers a roomy interior with lots of head space and space to move inside the van with comfort. The cooling is fast, the seats are wide and offers great body support. Leg space is ample so that you can stretch your body and travel without fatigue. Tempo Traveller on rent is available for sightseeing, airport pick up and drop, outstation or a weekend getaway, wedding and cultural functions, etc. With Tejas Tours and Travels, you Travel together in comfort and without any compromises.

Roadside assistance:

Whenever needed, roadside assistance services are available from the manufacturer and we also have our team to tackle contingencies. This eliminates the fear of ruining the travel experience in case of an unfortunate event of vehicle breakdown.

Rate per kilometre:

We charge a minimum starting rate per kilometre for a tempo traveller @ Rs. 22/km. This rate is one of the lowest in Bangalore city.

Vehicle and it's Price List

8 Seater Tempo Traveller Executive A/C 1/1 - 30 / km

9 Seater Tempo Traveller Executive A/C 1/1 - 20 / km

10 Seater Tempo Traveller Executive A/C 1/1 - 28 / km

12 Seater Tempo Traveller A/C 2/1 - 22 / km

13 Seater Tempo Traveller A/C 2/1- 22 / km

14 Seater Tempo Traveller Luxury A/C 2/1 - 32 / km

15 Seater Tempo Traveller Luxury A/C 2/2 - 32 / km

17 Seater Tempo Traveller A/C 2/1 - 32 / km

18 Seater Tempo Traveller Non A/C 2/1 - 30 / km

There might be a slight change in the rates depending on:

Season: During the tourist season, the rates of tempo traveller might be slightly higher.

Revision in fuel prices: An increase in fuel prices will have a proportionate impact on the pricing.

Taxes: An increase in relevant taxes will lead to price revision.

Polite and trained drivers: Our drivers are professional, well-mannered and have years of experience in driving. They know the local and outstation places well and can serve you like a tour guide, and photographer at no extra cost.

Tejas tours an travels Customer
Why Tejas Tours and Travels

With 25 years of providing travel services to Individuals and Corporates of all sizes, we are one of the most dependable travel services providers in Bangalore. We are not just one of the pioneers and leading travel agencies but also one of the best travel agencies in Bangalore.

Travel packages:

Apart from providing you with the best quality vehicles of different makes, we offer different travel packages. The details of these most sought-after tour packages are available on our website. In addition to the standard tour packages on offer, we provide customized travel packages too.

Some of the most popular travel packages are Local sightseeing, and exploring touristic places around Bangalore. Airport pick-up and drop-off is another service of ours that is very popular. The minimum time for which you can hire a tempo traveller is 4 hours. You can hire on an hourly basis and also kilometres run. It depends on the type of booking.


The booking of vehicles is very simple. Visit our website www.tejastravels.com, email us at info@tejastravels.com or give us a call at 9980277773.

Payment and Cancellation Terms:

We accept all popular payment modes through QR codes, online payments through net banking, credit and debit cards, and cash payments.

The booking and cancellation for a tempo traveller are very transparent and simple. All the details are available on the website or you can just give us a call on 9980277773 and we will be more than happy to assist you in resolving your queries and answering your questions.

We only charge 15% of the cost at the time of booking the vehicle. The remaining payment is to be made on the completion of the trip.

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