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45 min read | July 5, 2024

If you live in coastal regions then rains become a part of your everyday life. In case you happen to live in the city of Bangalore, then rains are an uninvited guest that is an influential result of depression and change in weather conditions in the neighbouring states.

As much as I am tempted to say that rains are bliss, I will also state that rains in Bangalore can play a spoilt sport in the lives of the city dwellers.

In recent times, Bangalore’s wanting infrastructural demands have paved the way for new issues in the city’s major areas. Despite this, nothing dampens the spirit of the city lovers. Bangalore has its charm and will never impress and delight the party-goers, artists, professionals, businesswomen and businessmen.

So how do people manage the continuum? Well, cab rentals are the solution and a life-saver. A person’s mind is excited by the overcast sky, the wonderful fragrance of moist earth, and the symphony of raindrops. The ambience exudes an air of exotic allure. Travelling during this season necessitates extensive planning in terms of time, location, and attitude of mind. Monsoon vacations are full of fun and the pleasure of splashing water in puddles.

Monsoons call for road trips
Monsoons call for road trips

Monsoons call for road trips that can be well spent if planned with precaution. Let’s look at some travel recommendations. Before that let us remember to always prioritise safety: Are you going to the hills? Take your time and take frequent breaks. If you’re going to the beach, keep in mind that swimming in the sea might be unsafe in some regions during the monsoon season. If there has been a prior warning issued, do your research before arranging your trip. However, this should not be reason enough to avoid the area! The tropics thrive during the monsoon season.

1. Bangalore To Goa:

During the monsoon, one of the safest roads and road excursions to take is from Bangalore to Goa. During the monsoon too, the roads are in shape and keep you occupied with spectacular vistas. You can easily organize your road trip to Goa by getting a car hire in Bangalore and enjoying the entire trip. However, the monsoon has its spell to cast, and you never know when the musical drizzling will change into chaos. When planning a road trip, always double-check the weather prediction. You may plan your short road excursions with Tejas Travels cab rentals, which provide Innova car rental per day, Dzire car rental, Etios car rental in Bangalore and others, at the cheapest prices. To take advantage of the perks, simply visit the website.

2. Bangalore To Ooty:

Monsoon adds a distinct beauty to this place; the breathtaking panoramas of Ooty – The Queen Of Hill Stations and the spiral roads leading to the summit hill keep the adventure going while the calming green covering the hill provides tranquillity. While driving, enjoy the fresh aroma of tea and coffee and don’t forget to hover to get a sight of wild animals in Bandipur Reserve Forest for some adventure.

3. Bangalore To Coorg:

Kudrasthe is reached after passing through the lush greenery at Hole Narsipur, Arkalgud, and Shanivarasanthe. After the Hole Narsipur settlement, pause for a beautiful view of the Hemavathi backwaters. After Kudrasthe, take a diversion to Mallalli Falls. There are around 600 steps to reach the summit. You’re bound to get soaked with the drizzle and appreciate the mild air around you when you reach there. We recommend seeing the falls during the monsoon season because they are only full during the rainy season. We strongly advise you not to deviate from the path.

Beauty that comes to life during monsoons
Beauty that comes to life during monsoons

4. Bangalore To Wayanad:

Wayanad is a scenic plateau nestled in the Western Ghats mountains. Driving through Bandipur will provide you with the ideal experience of travelling through forests, waterfalls, and viewing wildlife while relaxing on the most scenic route in South India. Be cautious in the wildlife area. Off-roading is not recommended in this area. Drive cautiously at night.

5. Bangalore To Mysore:

Ranganathittu is one of the best spots to see on a road trip from Bangalore. The Cauvery River meanders over a succession of little waterfowl nesting places just outside of Srirangapatna. Enjoy the thrill of a boat trip that brings you within touching distance of the birds as marsh crocodiles bask in the sun. This is one of the most scenic short drives from Bangalore.

6. Bangalore To Hampi:

The historic remains of Hampi dot an otherworldly landscape that will captivate you from the moment you gaze upon it. Massive rocks perch over kilometers of the countryside, and their rusty hues are offset by palm groves, banana plantations, and rice fields. The grandeur and magnificence of this location will amaze you. Take the road to an off-beat location from Bangalore and enjoy the scenic beauty that comes to life during monsoons.

Tejas Tours and Travels Luxury Cab Services
Tejas Tours and Travels Luxury Cab Services

Tejas Travels has a fleet of cabs available on a rental basis that you could hire easily by booking online. The best part about booking cabs from Tejas Travels is the lowest per km rent available in Bangalore. The vehicles are commodious and well-maintained. The drivers are verified and have been trained to offer professional services. They are also knowledgeable about the locality to provide the best travel within the time frame. For the best travel agency services in Bangalore with transparency in fare details, log in to their website to find out.

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