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45 min read | April 11, 2024

Traveling by road in Bangalore or to popular travel destinations was never as pleasant as with the best car rental in Bangalore, Tejas Tours and Travels. Whether it is corporate travel, Airport transfers, Employee commutes, wedding car rentals, or hiring cabs up to seven-seater passenger capacity or more; we have got it all covered. It has been 25 years since we have been serving the travel needs with the motto of ‘garnering smiles with every mile’. Our satisfied clients have been a driving force behind the phenomenal rate at which our business growth has catapulted, beating our competitors by a handsome margin.

Car Rental Services Near Me
Car Rental Services Near Me

We are well equipped to meet your inquiry for car booking near me or car rental services near me, as our cabs and travel vehicles span every corner of Bangalore city. We are nearer to you than you think.

Our founder being born and brought up in Bangalore, is an expert in managing local issues efficiently if they may arise. This ensures our client’s peace of mind as they do not have to worry about anything. One of our preferred services is car rental Bangalore with driver. This service helps our clients travel relaxed as they do not have to navigate through the choc-a-bloc traffic and reach their destination with their ‘peace of mind’ intact. The challenge of navigating through Bangalore city is a daunting task. Our drivers being mostly locals and experienced, outmanoeuvre all the challenges that the road conditions and traffic throw at them. Thus, going for a car rental service makes perfect sense. Not only do you travel at ease but also have all the time at your disposal for your productive pursuits. Our drivers can also double up as your travel guides if you decide to explore the local and surrounding places of interest. They can introduce you to the best eateries matching your food choice. Our professionally trained drivers have impeccable manners and are polite. So next time and every time you are looking for a car travel agency near me, Tejas Tours and Travels will always be able to serve your needs.

Cab booking Bangalore is simple and can be done easily through our website or you can just give us a call. All the details for booking, cancellations, refunds, etc. are presented on our company website. We have presented all the necessary details along with the costs and services available that might be needed when you look for a car travel agency near me or car booking Bangalore or cab booking Bangalore.

Our dedicated team leaves no stone unturned to give you a pleasant experience from booking to reaching to your destination. Our cars are from reliable manufacturers and they undergo a prescribed service check-up at regular intervals to prevent breakdowns. Cleanliness is a vital aspect of our business and after every travel for a client is completed, the vehicle is deep-cleaned so that the next customer gets a fresh feel as the travel begins. Our drivers and staff are hired after detailed scrutiny of their credentials which includes police verification, past employment records, medical history, etc. The drivers have to compulsorily undergo a driving test under an experienced supervisor before becoming a part of our team. All our staff is trained regularly on technical and non-technical aspects including soft skills. This helps us deliver an impeccable travel experience that guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

One of the biggest success factors in our phenomenal growth in client base has been powered by positive customer feedback and garnering more and more clients with ‘word of mouth’. As professionalism is an integral value of our work culture, we ensure that you will be more than satisfied when you are availing the variety of travel services that we offer.

Not only while booking, but during the unfortunate event of cancellation of your booking, we maintain a professional and pro-client approach. The cancellation of your booking is as easy as booking a travel service with us. The booking and cancellation policies are client-friendly.

Car Rentals
Renting cars

Go for best car rental in Bangalore, ‘Tejas Tours and Travels’, if you want to make sure that your holiday is without any unpleasant surprises. We offer the most reliable cab services and in the event of any unfortunate event like vehicle failure, a replacement comes to your rescue within no time. We have the best cars for every seating capacity. Our rates are the best in the market when you compare it with equivalent companies that are as experienced and quality-conscious as our company. Hiring your cab with searches like car booking near me, cab booking Bangalore, or car rentals near me, might yield you a list of many cab rental companies. We suggest you go for the most reliable ones like us who have been in this business for more than 25 years and still offer the best rates as compared to companies with limited work experience in this sector. Every time you are looking for a car travel agency near me, Tejas Tours and Travels will always be able to serve your needs. Cab booking Bangalore is simple and can be done through our website or a call. Our booking app is under development and will be ready in a short time to add to the convenience of our esteemed clientele.

When you want to travel in a car without the hassle of driving it yourself, go for Car rental Bangalore with driverwhich adds the convenience of traveling in a car without the inconvenience of driving the car yourself on the congested Bangalore roads.


For local cabs in Bangalore, we are amongst the best. We have a presence in every nook and corner of Bangalore. Thus, we are quick to reach you. When you choose us, you get a quality cab service without the hassle of delays.

24-hour service:

We serve you round the clock. When you need a reliable cab service at the 11th hour, Tejas Tours and Travels will not disappoint you. We will always be there, eager to serve you at any hour of the day. Our customer service department is alert at all times of the day to honor your requirements.

All sizes and types of cabs
All sizes and types of cabs

Whether you need a small car, sedan, 26-seater, or a larger cab for rent in Bangalore, we will provide it all. From a normal car to a super luxurious one, we have it all!

Convenient bookings and cancellations:

A click of a button will ensure your cab booking or cancellation of your booking. We offer the convenience of an easy online booking coupled with the round-the-clock, 365-day service.

Transparent dealings:

Through our guidelines related to bookings, cancellations, and refunds; we offer a transparent business experience.

Daily Cabs to Super Luxurious Cabs: An enviable fleet.

From Toyota Etios, Maruti Swift Dzire, Toyota Innova, Innova Crysta, Audi Q7, Toyota Camry, Fortuner, Toyota Corolla Altis, BMW 7 series, Audi q7, BMW 7 Series, Mercedes Benz S Class, Audi A6, BMW 5 series, Mercedes Benz E class, and super luxurious Rolls Royce Ghost; we have an enviable fleet of cabs at your service. From a regular day to a special event day like a wedding; we have the right cab to brighten your day and make it memorable.

We stand tall amongst the best cab companies in India. But we remain humble to take care of every client of ours irrespective of the quantum of business that is associated with the client. We serve with a smile, professionalism, humbleness, transparency, and most importantly joy. We love to serve.

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The holiday season and winter break are the busiest times in the travel industry. Organizing the perfect vacation takes time, but usually, most of the preparations are done at the last minute. When it comes to accommodation, most of the time, customers can find extremely cheap last-minute deals.

On the other hand, in the car rental industry, most of the time they pay a higher price when car booking just a few days in advance of the pick-up date. It could be when a customer hears our agent tell them they need a reservation. Think of it (more or less) as a tough sales strategy.

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