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30 min read | December 10, 2023

Travel Agents maintain extensive relationships with global travel agents and have access to exclusive offers. To ensure maximum value for their customers, they can negotiate the best prices on their behalf. They also offer different options depending on your budget.

Why Tejas Tours and Travels
Tempo Traveller Services

Travel agencies are scattered around the world. You can choose between domestic and international trips. Sometimes we just want to travel with a local private car. All of these trips can be short or long distances, with one or more family members, close friends, colleagues or business trips. The trigger priority is a fundamental and crucial criterion. If a travel agency’s services are not efficient and at the right level, the whole trip can fall apart. The exact services offered by your chosen travel agency determine travel to and from all Consecutive trips combined, attendance at important meetings, arrival on time for site visits and much more. The user-friendly website of Tejas tours and travels is user-friendly and straightforward. The easy-to-navigate website is also mobile-friendly. To ensure the security of customer data, all transactions are conducted through trusted channels. All major payment gateways, credit cards, debit cards and online banking services are accepted for bookings with tejas tours and travels. Customer information is only stored and used to provide offers and discounts. A reliable company is the choice of many tourists in Bangalore. With the above information, it should be clear that choosing the right travel agent is the first step in planning a successful vacation.

Here we have listed some important reasons why you should rent a vehicle from Tejas tour and travel. If you happen to book cabs online, you can search for cab services near me and see photos of the vehicles you will be hiring for your trip.

You can also see the reviews of other customers and decide on the choice of tourist places and tour operators.

12 seater tempo traveller Bangalore
Bus services

Tempo is well maintained and kept in perfect condition and thoroughly inspected on every charter. Hygiene is maintained so customers are happy to sit in the vehicle without having to deal with odours, dirty seats or the vehicle floor. Travel amenities are listed to check out, such as a charging port, music system, and air conditioning, among others.

You can rent a tempo Traveller for personal visits, wedding receptions, events or conferences and other occasions. Sometimes they have different prices and the location and details can be discussed with the tour operator. Day and night allowances are different and overtime allowances are also part of the cost that the customer must pay. Tolls and taxes must be paid, as well as a kilometre fee. These are displayed to the customer on the individual invoice.

tejas tours and travels understands that every customer has different needs and budgets. That is why we offer a variety of tempo traveller price packages to suit your needs. Our rates are competitive, and our services are top-notch. Our prolific services to look into every detail will enable you to consider us each time you plan a travel with a group or solo. We understand that you want the best for your money when it comes to rent vehicles. That’s why we offer the cheapest rate per vehicle kilometre in Bangalore.

Tempo traveller price

TT per km price starts from 22rs. It has a capacity of ten passengers. The TT has power steering, tinted windows, a 2×2 or 2×1 seating arrangement that moves at the pace of the traveler, is very spacious and comfortable. If you are traveling with your family, the space is perfect for everyone to be seated at the same time.

Bus Services Bangalore
Cab Service

Every traveler has their own itinerary and budget at hand. We try to give you the best deal according to your package with us. Our fares are very affordable and our buses are immaculate and comfortable. Our rental price for buses with 50 seats is also very cheap. Our services are very affordable and we offer the best travel experience.

Booking a bus with us is easy. Travelers should search for a bus traveler near me and Tejas Tour and Travel to complete the requirements in a simple form with your details and we will contact you with the best options available. We offer the best prices and discounts on our buses. We also offer the best customer service and support. Our team of specialists is always available to answer any questions or problems you may have.

Cab Service
Minibus Services

If you are looking for cab service outside the train station, you should call a reliable cabs service near me. All our taxi drivers outside the stations are authorized. They underwent rigorous training before being allowed to drive commuter taxis. We offer a variety of vehicles that can accommodate groups of any size and luggage situation. If you choose the best cabs in town, you can always take it wherever you want.

Benefits of Hiring cabs online

    • Booking cabs online now easier than ever. With the best taxi service from Bangalore Outer Station, you don’t have to worry about traffic jams or parking!
      The best cab service in front of the train station guarantees that you won’t be disturbed by your shopping plans.
      You have an experienced driver who knows the routes well and will guide you safely through your journey.
      The vehicle is comfortable to travel and allows you to travel alone or with companions.
      Legroom and luggage storage depend on the vehicle you choose for your trip.
      Booking cabs outside the train station is also easy as you can now book cabs online by filling out an online form and paying.
  • Minibus Services
    Tejas Travel Services

    Affordable minibuses make it easy to get around and visit attractions as travel planning can be hectic and most people avoid traveling for that reason alone. Handling and comfort are certainly important when traveling, most parts of a journey are journeys and must meet the needs of the traveler. There seem to be bad experiences too. With minibus near me services you can get best of your journey with friends and family. We provide affordable minibus prices per km in Bangalore.

    Our tours are not limited to famous tourist destinations. We can also check other places not included in the list, e.g. Some temples or historical places that are not popular. Travelers can customize the list according to their dress code. However, fares vary based on seat selection, not package.

    1. Bus Rental
    2. Car Rental
    3. Tempo Traveller Rental
    4. Minibus Rental
    5. Student Transport Services
    6. Outstation Vehicle Booking
    7. Corporate Travel Service
    8. Airport Transfer Service
    9. Employee Transport Service
    10. Wedding Luxury Car Rental
    11. Holiday Tour Package

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    24/7 customer support
    travel needs
    travel support
    travel coordinator
    travel assistance

    Why Choose a Professional Driver for Your Travel?

    If you want to organize a group trip, hiring a bus or spacemaker is a smart choice. With us take your trip to the next level and don’t settle for standard rental services. At Tejas Tours and Travels, we offer top-notch professional drivers for your travel.

    Below is a more detailed list of the top reasons to travel with a private driver guide.

    professional driver
    bus hire
    tempo traveler rental
    car rentals
    minibus booking
    Booking a Wedding Bus

    Wedding Bus Transportation Service

    Looking for a cheap online booking of a wedding or event bus to transport people from venue to wedding venue? Look no further. With us, you can easily book a bus for weddings and more. Read on to learn more about cheap wedding bus hire with Tejas Tours and Travels.

    Your wedding day is definitely at the top of the list of the most important days of your life and you don't want to go wrong in any way. An Indian wedding is a big event and the guest list is long because it's happening. Accommodating guests is a big deal, and travel planning can be a challenge when you need to make immediate arrangements for guests.

    wedding bus rental
    wedding bus hire
    buses for wedding guest
    airport transfer
    railway transfer
    pre-wedding travel
    post wedding tours

    School Bus Rentals in Bangalore

    School Bus Service whether you hire a bus for pleasure or work, a school bus is the most economical form of transportation. We're here to help you plan and coordinate the entire process to make your event a success, even if you've never rented a bus before. School buses are ideal for school trips and transport to extracurricular events. They are also great for parties and outings for social groups.

    School bus not only at school. There is also an economical and ideal means of transport for transporting workers to construction sites or other workplaces or to meetings. Instead of having your employees drive separate cars, increase reliability by doing something good for the planet. Using school buses for corporate events can also be a fun way to travel, not to mention it will save your company money.

    School bus service
    bus rentals
    staff transportation
    school transportation
    Home to school bus service

    Team Event Travel Management

    Business travel management can be hell. With employees flying all over the world, there are flights to book, accommodations to arrange, and an endless list of different expenses and tasks to complete.
    In most cases, this is purely compulsory work.
    Too bad. Because business trips can be extremely productive and enjoyable for employees. They should be a way to expand your network, increase your company's visibility and create a lasting experience.

    event travel
    corporate event budget
    travel expenses
    bus hire
    minibus for rent
    online traveller booking
    car rental
    corporate travel consultants

    What is a corporate travel consultant?

    Today, many professionals regularly travel for business purposes. But most business travelers lack the experience and expertise to plan their trip.

    In addition, they have to deal with common corporate travel management such as delayed flights, unsatisfactory hotel rooms, and tracking expense receipts.

    Therefore, to facilitate the planning of corporate travel and business trips for employees and to deal with unexpected situations, many companies have hired corporate travel consultants to go on business trips. Let's find out what is corporate travel management?

    corporate travel
    corporate travel consultants
    travel agent
    travel cost savings
    comprehensive travel reports
    corporate travel management
    travel arrangements

    Last Minute Travel Car Booking

    The holiday season and winter break are the busiest times in the travel industry. Organizing the perfect vacation takes time, but usually, most of the preparations are done at the last minute. When it comes to accommodation, most of the time, customers can find extremely cheap last-minute deals.

    On the other hand, in the car rental industry, most of the time they pay a higher price when car booking just a few days in advance of the pick-up date. It could be when a customer hears our agent tell them they need a reservation. Think of it (more or less) as a tough sales strategy.

    Car rentals in Bangalore
    car booking
    car hire
    car travel
    car rental

    Tejas Tours and Travels tempo traveller services

    Tempo Traveller rentals in Bangalore are the most popular choice for family travel. Choose our Tempo Traveller rentals in Bangalore if you want to hire temporary tourists for rides within city limits and out-of-station journeys. These vehicles are more popular thanks to their spacious legroom, rich interior, and luggage space.Read more >>

    tempo traveller rentals
    tempo traveller 17 seater
    tempo traveller 12 seater
    15 seater tempo traveller
    tempo traveller seats
    16 seater tempo traveller
    9 seater luxury tempo traveller

    Bus Services by Tejas Tours and Travels

    Tejas Tours offers excellent bus services for bus travel within Bangalore and outstation purposes. Bus rentals at Tejas Travels can be availed easily at the bus booking section online. Bus booking can be done as per your requirement be it private bus booking, our online bus booking section on the website will furnish all the details.Read more >>

    volvo bus
    luxury bus
    bus rental
    hire bus
    bus travel
    traveler bus
    travels bus price

    Minibus for Rent by Tejas Tours and Travels

    The Mini bus travel turned out to be a great means of transportation. Those who want Mini bus for tour can find joy in the city to visit and visit the main attractions with friends and family. You can also use Mini bus on rent to get to places near Bangalore. However, long journeys by minibus are not very comfortable. However, it is a great way for those who want to travel quickly to the wedding venue, to visit the shrine, and even to attend the celebration. They may choose to travel to these places because it suits large groups and gets them to their destination at an affordable price.Read more >>

    mini bus price
    mini bus on rent
    minibus travel
    booking minibus
    mini bus seating capacity
    mini bus for tour
    mini bus booking

    School Excursion with Tejas Tours and Travels

    Learning by Seeing, Hearing, and Making Children learn through real experience by seeing, hearing, and doing. With a combination of beautiful vibrant artwork, exciting stories from Indian epics, and entertaining games, the educational trips for students will stimulate interest in mythology, history, culture, and art. Art in the minds of children. Smart, bright, and smart students. But are they well aware of the cultural richness and heritage of India to which they are the heirs and guardians of the future?Read more >>

    school bus rental
    bus transportation services
    School Excursion bus
    student transportation

    Different Types of Cars for Rent in Tejas Tours and Travels

    Travel agencies are widely dispersed around the world. You can choose between domestic and foreign trips. Sometimes we just want to travel locally by private car. All of these journeys can be made over short or long distances, with one or more family members, close friends, colleagues, or on business. The order of priority of the trips is the basic and important criterion. If the tour company's services are not efficient and up to standard, the whole trip could be ruined. The specific services offered by the travel agency you choose will determine the destination and departure point for your trip to stay connected, attend important meetings, and arrive on time when touring the place points, etc.

    What criteria do you use to choose a travel agency as your private and professional travel partner from the wide range of possibilities available?

    luxury car rentals in Bangalore
    car rental Bangalore with driver
    luxury car rentals
    car rental near me

    Best Educational Trips from Bangalore

    Learning by seeing, hearing, and doing Children learn through hands-on experience, through seeing, hearing, and doing. With a combination of stunning life-size art, interesting stories of Indian epics, and entertaining games, educational trips for students stimulate interest in mythology, history, culture, and art. Art in their children's minds. Students are smart, brilliant, and intelligent. But do they know well the cultural and patrimonial riches of India of which they are heirs and future custodians?

    Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is one of India's most popular cosmopolitan cities. Named "The Fastest Growing City of The Next Decade" by Forbes, the city travels back in time and is full of historic landmarks, prestigious colleges, and universities, headquarters of global IT executives, revolutionary startup spaces, and plenty of quirky and quirky cafes. It is rich in nature and wildlife and offers stunning weekends everywhere.

    15 seater tempo traveller
    17 seater tempo traveller
    educational field trips
    educational places to visit
    educational trips for student
    elementary school trips
    tempo traveller on rent

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