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30 min read | October 24, 2023

Today, many professionals regularly travel for business purposes. But most business travelers lack the experience and expertise to plan their trip.

In addition, they have to deal with common corporate travel management such as delayed flights, unsatisfactory hotel rooms, and tracking expense receipts.

Therefore, to facilitate the planning of corporate travel and business trips for employees and to deal with unexpected situations, many companies have hired corporate travel consultants to go on business trips. Let's find out what is corporate travel management?

corporate travel consultants
Corporate travel consultant and corporate travel management

Corporate events are typically run by the event team for events larger than 50 people and by executive assistants for smaller groups. These people have the knowledge and resources to handle the coordination, booking, and arrangements required for a successful group picnic. They understand specific business needs and preferences and make the process efficient and streamlined.

Budgeting for a business trip can be a daunting task for many companies. It is important to know the basic tips that will make this process easier and more efficient. In this essay, we cover two key tips for booking business trips: find the best deals and plan.

Business travel consultant

A travel consultant, also known as a business travel consultant, is someone who specializes in helping employees arrange business trips and arrange trips without spending extra time and effort.

Corporate travel consultants operate in a dynamic and proactive working environment. They direct the organization's travel policy while negotiating with vendors and suppliers for the best deals. The roles and responsibilities of a corporate travel agent vary from company to company. But we can define a business travel consultant based on several important responsibilities.

corporate Travel Consultant
Responsibilities of a corporate Travel Consultant

1. Proposing the best options

When planning a business trip, employees have the opportunity to choose from a variety of routes, airlines, hotels, and car rentals. However, they should keep their organization's travel and expense policies in mind while comparing available options.

Business travel consultants recommend alternative routes and help them choose flights, accommodations, and taxis that suit their comfort and company policy.

2. Travel arrangements

In addition to suggesting and comparing alternatives, business travel consultants help employees book hotels, flights, and taxis. Many consultants today use software solutions that allow employees to organize trips and book business trips with ease.

In addition, they help companies reduce total costs by offering cost-effective alternatives to employees.

3. Overcoming business travel challenges

As mentioned earlier, employees need real-time help and support to overcome various business travel challenges. A business travel consultant keeps employees relaxed and stress-free by managing emerging business travel challenges. For example, travel agents often resolve flight issues by upgrading flight classes, prioritizing waitlists, and assigning preferred seats.

4. Obtaining and updating travel documents

employees are required to carry valid travel documents such as passports, visas, international driver's licenses, and commercial documents for international business trips. Due to their busy schedules, employees often forget to update these travel documents.

A business travel consultant assists employees in obtaining and updating required business travel documents within a specified time frame.

5. Keep travelers safe and comfortable

In a post-pandemic world, business travelers need both intelligence and real-time assistance

to stay safe. A business travel agency is often the first point of contact for employees on business trips at home and abroad. They conduct research to provide employees with up-to-date information on their travel reasons.

6. Facilitating the Relocation of Workers

Today, many workers move to a new city or country to work. With the help of business travel tips, they simplify the relocation process. Advisors help employees apply for or update visas and work permits. They also use contacts to help workers find safe and comfortable housing in a new city.

7. Networking and Negotiation

In addition to ensuring stress-free and hassle-free business travel, business travel consultants often strive to reduce ongoing costs as well. They increase return on costs (ROC) by connecting and connecting airlines, hotel chains, and rental car companies in different regions. They also negotiate with vendors and suppliers to take advantage of the lowest rates and best deals.

The advent of virtual travel consultants
The advent of virtual travel consultants

Human travel consultants often work in an office environment. Therefore, employees can only access and interact with them during normal business hours. However, today's workforce needs 24/7 help and support to meet the new challenges of business travel.

For this reason, many companies now prefer a virtual travel consultant to a human business travel consultant to enjoy the many advantages.

What does a business travel consultant do?

Corporate travel consultants possess a diverse skill set to address many aspects of corporate travel program management. Their responsibilities go beyond simply booking flights and accommodation.

Consider some of the key tasks performed by these consultants:

Developing travel policies and procedures: Travel consultants develop comprehensive travel reports and guidelines that govern employee travel. These policies ensure consistency, cost-effectiveness, and compliance with legal and safety regulations, as well as business travel needs.

Contract Negotiation: Using industry expertise and networking skills, the company's travel consultants work with airlines, hotels, and other travel providers to secure competitive rates and terms that benefit their businesses. These negotiated contracts significantly reduce travel cost savings

Travel Data Analytics: Business travel consultants leverage advanced analytics tools to analyze travel data and identify savings opportunities. By tracking travel habits, spending trends, and performance metrics, they can make informed recommendations to optimize travel programs.

comprehensive travel reports
Ensure policy compliance

The company's travel advisor is responsible for educating employees about the company's travel guidelines and policies. They work closely with travelers, providing advice and support to ensure compliance with these policies and maximize the benefits of the travel program.

Provide travel reports and data insights: By generating comprehensive travel reports, business travel consultants provide valuable insights into travel spending, compliance rates, and traveler behavior. These reports help management make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement.

Tejas Travel is the best choice for corporate event travel consultants thanks to its experienced staff, comprehensive travel reports service, and competitive pricing. Additionally, corporate group travel allows teams to strengthen relationships while creating meaningful memories outside of the office. To ensure a successful corporate travel experience, companies should carefully consider itinerary, budget, accommodation, and safety procedures. We offer travel arrangements, manage travel expenses and travel cost savings.

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