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30 min read | October 24, 2023

Looking for a cheap online booking of a wedding or event bus to transport people from venue to wedding venue? Look no further. With us, you can easily book a bus for weddings and more. Read on to learn more about cheap wedding bus hire with Tejas Tours and Travels.

Your wedding day is definitely at the top of the list of the most important days of your life and you don't want to go wrong in any way. An Indian wedding is a big event and the guest list is long because it's happening. Accommodating guests is a big deal, and travel planning can be a challenge when you need to make immediate arrangements for guests.

Booking a Wedding Bus
Booking a Wedding Bus

In contrast to the usual trip, the formalities for hundreds of people have to be organized here. If you're still contemplating your travel plans, give yourself a break, and let us help you plan your trip. You can easily book a wedding bus through our website or mobile app. Our online booking platform is designed for a seamless experience with a user-friendly interface.

Tejas offers a range of options to choose from when it comes to renting a bus for weddings, so it doesn't feel like a compromise. Don't worry about the ailments of your loved ones because we also offer luxury buses equipped with all the necessary amenities to make your journey comfortable.

If you choose it right, renting a coach for a wedding can be just as enjoyable as the wedding itself. The wedding bus rental will be equipped with professional drivers and support staff to ensure a safe journey.

Wedding Bus Rental
Wedding Bus Rental

Many state governments in India are easing restrictions after COVID-19 cases dropped. This is good news for people planning a wedding shortly. People can rent a wedding bus from Tejas Tours and travels to different parts of Bangalore to travel safely.

The exceptional conditions depend on the cities and provinces as the incidence of Covid-19 varies from region to region. For example, some places like Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh do not require special permits from travelers arriving in the state. However, other states such as Tamil Nadu have introduced ePassport as a mandatory measure for travelers for non-business or health reasons.

While interstate-to-interstate travel is possible in most states, if you're thinking about renting a wedding bus anytime soon, there are a few things you should know. These are -

Wedding coach hire is permitted for people arriving from abroad. Some states require a passport, meaning every traveler must have an electronic passport. ePass is available on official government websites.

Domestic travel restrictions have been lifted in most states, with some minor exceptions in the hardest-hit cities; However, the obligation to wear a mask throughout the journey still applies.

Possession of a negative RT-PCR test is only required in some states and must not be older than 72 hours. Therefore, check the specific restrictions in your desired city.

Let’s see how it work:-

If you want to book a bus for a wedding but can't find a convenient solution, Tejas Tours and Travel is the most competitive way to book a bus for a wedding. We offer the most transparent prices and there are no hidden booking fees for wedding bus rentals.

We work with our best providers to find the most convenient travel solution for your needs. You can choose the tour operator according to your preference and make your reservation. You will receive all the details about the bus including its services.

You can also take a look at the interior of the bus that we offer you on our platform, after receiving our operators' offers. You can easily hire a wedding bus whenever you feel like it. The price of the reservation depends on many variable factors related to the demand, the type of accommodation, the length and duration of the trip, the location, etc.

Unlock Wedding Bus Hire Policies

We understand the importance of customer experience and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction by partnering with our most trusted coach operators for wedding bus hire. All buses are equipped with the necessary amenities such as charging sockets, bottled water, reclining seats, reading lights, etc. to make your trip as comfortable as possible. The range of services varies depending on the type of accommodation booked.

Our range of premium and deluxe buses are equipped with additional amenities such as LCD TV, air conditioning, stereo, ample legroom, blankets, seat covers, ample luggage space, etc. to offer you and your guests a luxurious experience. Some of our luxury buses are also equipped with conveniences such as mini-fridges and beverage coolers. We know that elderly passengers need special attention, and our coaches also feature reclining and reclining seats designed for pain-free travel.

We provide airport transfer, railway transfer facilities to the wedding guests.

Why book a bus for a wedding?

Renting a bus for weddings through the Tejas has many advantages. Firstly, it is much easier to book a bus to a wedding through the website. All you have to do is enter your travel details such as work purpose, start and end location.

Tejas Tours and travels offers the cheapest bus rental option for your wedding, saving you a lot of travel costs.

In addition, the booking costs are limited as agreed. All buses are well maintained and have all the necessary facilities to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. To ensure your safety, you will also receive a bus tracking link. The links can be shared with others to make it easier for them to follow buses. Also most importantly we provide pre-wedding travel and post wedding tours.

You have all the necessary contact details to contact our assistance manager in an emergency. Each of these bus operators is very reliable and the operator will provide a backup should you break down during your journey. Renting a wedding bus has never been easier.

What you should know about booking a bus for a wedding

Arranging transport for a wedding is always an important part of the planning. At a time when the coronavirus is gripping the world, the need for a safer way to attend a wedding is paramount. Tejas Tours and Travel is one of the few transport companies offering safe wedding reception coach hire.

Services are available in Bangalore city and others. Tejas ensures that all safety standards are strictly followed and all policies are strictly adhered to. The buses are safe and reliable and the operators are responsible enough to ensure a comfortable ride. Depending on the vehicle, the wedding transfer offers between 12 and 50 seats.

What types of buses do we offer?

The bus types that you can choose from vary depending on the bus company and the destination. In general, the seating arrangements offered by the operators are 12 seats with air conditioning, 25 seats with air conditioning, 40 seats with air conditioning, 49 seats with air conditioning, etc. Booking a Volvo bus for the wedding can be done through Tejas Tours and Travels. These are some of the bus seats commonly offered in different cities, but not limited to them. The seats also vary depending on the chartered bus. We offer buses for wedding guests, airport transfer, and railway transfer.

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