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45 min read | April 27, 2024

When you think of traveling by road in Bangalore, travel world-class with Tejas Tours and Travels. Serving for the last 25 years, we are amongst the pioneers in Bangalore travels. When you are looking to hire a cab or mini bus, tempo traveller, or a big Bus, we have the best options that will suit your requirements. For business travel, reaching from point A to B, wedding travel, picnics, etc. we have the best vehicles for you. From a Suzuki Swift Dzire to a Rolls Royce, we have a fleet of vehicles that can serve all needs.

Bangalore travels
Bangalore travels

To offer you the much-needed relief from driving on the congested roads of Bangalore city, we offer vehicles with Drivers too. Our drivers are experienced and trained to give you the most comfortable travel experience. We offer travel services in every nook and corner of Bangalore city. When you are searching for tour travels near me, look no further as we are just a click or just a call away from you.

When Bangalore travels within the city or to any part of India, Tejas Tours and Travels comes first in the mind. This is because of the pleasant and professional experience that our clients have with us. Very few companies can match up to our experience of 25 years in the travel industry. This gives us an edge over the other players in the Bangalore travels industry. We assure you that your travels in Bangalore will be hassle-free, comfortable, and priced right when you are travelling with us. We customize travel packages as per your requirements and the standard travel packages appearing on our website also are the best deal for you. Owing to the changes in conditions, there might be slight changes in the cost of the tour and travel packages. However, we make sure that a win-win situation is always there. Your search for travel bookings near me will yield positive and best results as you reach us online. You will be more than satisfied when you associate with us as we score high on multiple factors that are very important for every client.

Tejas Tours and Travels Vehicles
Tejas Tours and Travels Vehicles

Reliable Brands: All our vehicles are of reliable brands. We buy only from manufacturers that are well known for offering cars and other travel vehicles with assured reliability. This ensures that the clients complete their travel without hiccups.

Safety first: We choose vehicles that are loaded with safety features so that in case of any untoward incident, all the occupants in the vehicle are safe. Keeping the latest model of vehicles in our fleet is one way to ensure safe vehicles for the customers.

Regular servicing: The vehicles are serviced regularly as per the norms prescribed by the companies that manufacture the automobiles. This ensures that no vehicles fail at any point in time or midway in the journey and clients reach their destination without a glitch. You will feel as if you are travelling in a new vehicle that is just out of the showroom.

Cleanliness: Our clients deserve the best, so we keep our cabs and buses squeaky clean. They always smell fresh, offering a pleasant travel experience. After every trip, a thorough cleaning of the vehicles is done. We pay attention to the smallest detail and leave no room for any complaints.

Back-up: We have the provision of back-up vehicles in case any vehicle develops any fault. This way the client does not face any problems in case the vehicle breakdown happens.

Range of options to choose from: From a Suzuki Swift Dzire to a Rolls Royce, we serve you with every make of vehicle. Our Mini and Full-size buses are well-equipped to offer the best safety and comfort so that you can travel long distances without fatigue and stress. We offer the best and widest range of vehicles that can rarely be offered by any other travel organization.

Tejas Tours and Travels Services
Tejas Tours and Travels Services

2. Drivers: We offer vehicles with drivers only. Our drivers are experienced and trained in soft skills.

Driving skills: Our supervisor tests the driving skills of prospective candidates wishing to work with our organization as drivers. Only after the driver passes our in-house test driving, we hire.

Background check: The safety of our clients is of paramount importance. Checking the credentials and background of every driver is done before even considering any candidate for the driver position. Police verification is done, the driver's license verification and verification of past work experience are also done. Thus, we leave no stone unturned to hire the best drivers.

Training: We conduct training sessions for drivers at regular intervals. The training is aimed at developing the soft skills of the drivers. This is why our drivers are well mannered, well behaved and polite with clients. Encouraging client feedback keeps us motivated to keep training our drivers consistently.

Local knowledge: All our drivers have thorough knowledge about places of tourist interest. Depending on the taste of the client and choices, our drivers suggest the best places to visit in and around Bangalore. They double up as your local travel guide and give you the best service possible.

Back-up: We have extra drivers just like vehicles. This ensures that if your driver does not make it on time, we send a new driver to your service with the same make of vehicle that you have booked.

Tejas Tours and Travels Booking
Tejas Tours and Travels Booking

3. Ease of booking and cancellation:

You can book a vehicle of your choice with just a click on the company website. We have made the booking and cancellation very client-friendly. The terms and conditions are very easy to understand. We believe in transparency and practice the same.

4. Range of vehicles to choose from: We have an unbelievable and wide range of vehicles to choose from.

So, for your travels in Bangalore, book your cab or bus with us and enjoy a travel experience that offers complete peace of mind.

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