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45 min read | June 16, 2024

You must have heard the phrase “How do you like them apples?”. Well in this case should we say - How do you like them strawberries? Because this post is about the latest outing trend from Bangalore- Strawberry Picking!

If you are an active social media user, you must have seen videos of people harvesting strawberries with their families or partners.

Wondering if you could pick some ripe strawberries too?

You definitely can!

But, before that, allow us to take you through the ins and outs of Strawberry picking.

Strawberry Picking
Introducing Strawberry Picking - Understanding the Pick-Your-Own Model

Strawberry Picking is a trend amongst Bangaloreans that has taken pace in recent years. There are farms a couple of hours away from Bangalore that let you harvest strawberries for an entry fee.

You start your weekend getaway by taking a short road trip of 2-3 hours from Bangalore. After reaching the farm, you start picking strawberries based on your preference. When you are done picking strawberries, you must buy the strawberries at a predefined per kilo price.

What’s in it for you?

You can go home and savor organically grown strawberries that actually taste the way they look, and, you can witness the unique experience of farming. It has proven to be a memorable outdoor activity for the kids in the family and adults of all ages.

How Strawberry Picking Can Bring Your Family Closer

Amusement parks, shopping malls, movie theatres, and play arenas, were probably the best options for outings with your family in the past. But, times have changed, and you can now indulge in the unique experience of picking strawberries with your family.

Strawberry picking can prove to be a very successful day outing for plenty of reasons. It will help you spend some quality time with your family away from the chaotic everyday life. Spending quality time with your family will help you forge stronger bonds and meaningful connections that leave you with a lasting memory to cherish.

This is an outdoor activity that brings you out of the confines of inner spaces, allowing you to rejuvenate by breathing fresh air and basking in the sunshine. This can prove to be a little adventurous for your children and give them a sense of exploration.

Strawberry picking is a feast for the senses, the lush greenery laced with the glossy red color of ripe strawberries is a visual we rarely want to miss. These farms also let you savor these luscious berries that are quite sweet and flavorful contrary to what we have tasted all these years. Believe me, the commercial strawberries are no match to the delicious strawberries that you get to enjoy here.

Picking strawberries can not only serve as a fun and adventurous experience but also as an educational one. You can educate your children about the different strawberry species, the life cycle of a strawberry plant, the kind of effort that goes into strawberry farming, and the importance of agriculture in our lives as humans.

Strawbery Picking Adventure
Let’s Plan Your Strawbery Picking Adventure

Below are the farms that offer you the Pick-Your-Own strawberries experience in Bangalore. These strawberry farms are on the outskirts of the city, which means you can also enjoy the experience of a short road trip down to them.

The Bangalore Berry Company

Rajenahalli Farm

8 AM to 12 PM (Morning slot)
2 PM to 6 PM (Evening slot)
Entry Fee:
Adults & Kids above 5 Yrs - Rs. 599/-
Kids Below 5 Yrs - Rs. 199/-
Distance from Bangalore: 62.9 Km
Pre-booking: Recommended to make a booking 5 days in advance.
Strawberry Price: Rs. 799/ Kg

Thimmanayakanahalli Farm

8 AM to 12 PM (Morning slot)
2 PM to 6 PM (Evening slot)
Entry Fee: Adults & Kids above 5 Yrs - Rs. 299/-
Kids Below 5 Yrs - Free
Distance from Bangalore: 64 Km
Pre-booking: Recommended to make a booking 5 days in advance.
Strawberry Price: Rs. 599/ Kg

The Bangalore Berry Company is the first orchard to bring this one-of-a-kind experience to Bangalore. You can drive down to this farm or rent a car. TBBC offers an enchanting experience for you and your family. You can also eat as many berries as you like while you are picking them. An important thing to remember is that folks at TBBC do not like wastage, which means, you need to buy the strawberries you have picked at the price mentioned above.

We can understand strawberry picking is an outdoor activity that is bound to exhaust you and make you hungry and thirsty. You can rest assured, as TBBC has got this covered, they offer a variety of lip-smacking food and beverages to keep your tummy happy.

Wholesome Strawbery Farms Bangalore
Wholesome Strawbery Farms Bangalore

Location: Varlakonda, Chikkaballapur
Timings: 8 AM - 4 PM all days
Entry Fee: Adults and Kids above 3 Yrs: Rs. 200/-
Kids Below 3 Yrs: Free
Distance from Bangalore: 83.6 Km
Pre-Booking: Required no entry for walk-ins
Strawberry Price: Rs. 400/ Kg

Located just a few steps away from the course of NH7, wholesome farms offer the Pick-your-own strawberry experience too. Continue the drive from Hebbal towards Chikkabalapur, finding this farm is not very hard, as you can navigate your way to the farm easily.

Unlike TBBC, this farm does not allow you to eat strawberries while you're here. However, similar to TBBC, you will have to buy the strawberries you picked on the farm. Food and beverages are not available on this farm, but, you are allowed to get your food and find a nice spot on the farm and eat away. Just like old times! Pick the strawberries you like and enjoy a cute picnic with your family in the lap of nature.

Things to remember before heading out to pick strawberries:

Sun Protection: Since this is an outdoor activity it is highly recommended to carry a good quality sunblock with higher SPF, sunglasses, a hat, and umbrellas based on your preference.

Comfy Clothes: This is an activity involving a lot of physical movement, so make sure to wear comfortable clothes. Long sleeves are recommended to avoid possible irritation caused by the leaves and comfortable footwear.

Baskets: Strawberry due to its physical features is vulnerable to physical damage. Stacking them up for more than a few inches damages the ones underneath. Choose the right container to carry the berries back home if you intend on plucking a lot of them.

Pick the right berries: There are several species of strawberries. Each with its unique qualities. Make sure to try them all before picking them.

Strawberry Picking is going to be quite a tiresome experience. After a whole day of squatting, and strawberry harvesting. Why go through the hassle of driving back to your home? Allow us to get you safely from your home to the farms and back. Tempo traveler on rent is a feasible idea if you are planning this trip with a larger group. A TT won’t cut it? Need a bigger option? Tejas Tours and Travels offers a great Bangalore 1 day tour package by bus. You can choose from a range of AC and Non Ac Buses.

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Strawberry picking offers a perfect weekend trip from Bangalore with your family, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It's a unique and enjoyable experience that brings you closer to the source of these beloved strawberries while fostering opportunities for bonding, learning, and adventure.

So, gather your loved ones, pack your sunscreen and baskets, and embark on a strawberry-picking adventure that's sure to be filled with fun, laughter, and sweet rewards. Strawberries are everyone’s favorite when it comes to desserts, so make sure to check out some good recipes to relish the fruit of your harvest in its maximum yumminess.

Happy Strawberry Picking!

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