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45 min read | April 12, 2024

Traveling by Bus is never boring when you travel on our Bus! No one serves the comfort, cleanliness, reliability, and safety that we do. This is because we have been in the Luxury coach bus service for more than 2 decades. Our buses have more than all those features that a luxury private bus is supposed to have.

Even before the Volvo or Bharat Benz buses were introduced in India, our fleet of luxury private buses offered great comfort and quality travel owing to the customized travel-friendly design. As better technology buses started getting a foothold in the Indian market, we could not stay behind as we are one of the pioneers in luxury private bus booking service. As soon as the Volvo and Benz buses were launched in India, we were the first ones to add Volvo luxury bus booking and BharatBenz bus to our fleet of luxury coach buses.

Luxury Bus
Volvo luxury bus booking

The Volvo luxury bus and BharatBenz bus are most preferred by our clients for Intercity travel or for going long distances. Corporates, event management companies, and even private parties go for the Volvo luxury bus booking. Our Buses can be booked for city and intercity travel. We have 2x2, 2x3, and sleeper coach configurations available and we have buses with various seating capacities, from 29-seater to 50-seater buses. We also have mini buses with a seating capacity starting from 8 passengers.

All our buses are safe as they have the safety features needed as per the law of the land. To give our esteemed clients a pleasant and memorable travel experience, our buses are fitted with air conditioners that can do the warming and cooling inside the bus as per the need. Moreover, there is a state-of-the-art entertainment system that plays music, and you can also watch movies and television on the flat-screen smart TV.

There is no dearth of space in our buses as they offer huge leg space, head space, and luggage space. Moving inside the bus is very easy. The top-end buses come factory-fitted with the very comfortable ‘Air Suspension’ systems that make the buses glide over potholes. This adds to the comfort of travel as jolts from the road do not pass on to the passengers sitting inside the bus. Your journey goes undisturbed as outside noise does not get into the passenger space. Some of our buses have closed windows while in some buses the windows can be opened.

So, when you are planning a road trip, just contact Tejas Tours and Travels for a hassle-free, comfortable, safe, and pleasurable travel experience. We also rent our buses for wedding functions and offer pick-up and drop services at the Airport or Railway station. To date, we have served hundreds of clients. For the top quality of travel service rendered, we have won accolades and awards. Tejas Tours and Travels has been voted as the best coach service provider in Bangalore more than once.

Why tejas
Why Tejas Tours and Travels Bus Service ?

Roadside assistance:

We have a 24x7 roadside assistance service to ensure that you travel anxiety-free. Our trained team of mechanics lends all the support needed in case of a Bus failing mid-way into your journey. Even our drivers are well-trained to manage and repair minor issues. Owing to the regular service and maintenance, none of our buses have developed any problems to date.

Trained Drivers:

We train our drivers regularly on soft skills and behavioural traits. They become a part of your group and provide help if needed. They have years of driving experience and know many tourist places in detail. The drivers can also play the role of a tourist guide for you.

Why us?

Being in the tours and travel industry for over 25 years has given us a deep insight into client service and travel-related issues. We iron out all the problems beforehand or proactively so that your travel is pleasurable.

Bus Price
Hiring our buses: We have made the booking process of our buses very easy.

To book your choice of bus, all you need to do is visit our website, and fill in the necessary information. You may also confirm your booking by sending us an email at or giving us a call at 9980277773.

Payment and refund after Cancellation of booking:

A token payment of 15% of the total cost is to be given to confirm your bus booking. The balance payment is to be made after your trip is completed.

We accept payment through QR codes. Online payments can also be made through net banking, credit, and debit cards. We also accept cash payments.

The booking and cancellation for the buses are transparent. The details regarding the same are available on the company website. In case you have any doubts or seek more information regarding anything, give us a call at 9980277773. We will be assisting you in every way and resolving your queries if any.

There might be a slight change in the rates depending on:

Season: During the tourist season, the rates of buses might be slightly higher.

Revision in fuel prices: An increase in fuel prices will have a proportionate impact on the pricing.

Taxes: An increase in relevant taxes will lead to price revision.

However, the table above indicates the current pricing for hiring various buses. Many other factors like the number of days a bus is booked, the minimum kilometers for which it is going to run, etc. also influence the pricing structure.

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