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45 min read | June 15, 2024

Bangalore is well-known and well-liked for its nice climate and undeniable spirit and energy. The welcoming city is home to several nationalities, regions, and people with different dialects and mother tongues. The City of Bangalore is forever sprawling with activities in santhe or markets, malls, restaurants, pubs, temples and sightseeing spots. However, if you wish to pack your day and want to witness all the activities in a few days, you should book a cab from a reputed travel agency. Travelling in Bangalore traffic by driving is one thumb down.

On the bright side, cab prices per km in Bangalore are affordable and reasonable. You can pick up a package for 8 hours or 4 hours, and the taxi will be with you. Parking can be another hassle if you are new to the place. Car rentals in Bangalore will find ways and paces to counter this problem and arrive as soon as you wish to move to the destination -next.

Which are these places that you shouldn’t miss if you come to Bangalore?









Once you have hired your cab at a suitable price in Bangalore, head to Lal Bagh at Jayanagar. Lal Bagh, a 240-acre park in the middle of the city with almost 1,854 plant varieties, is a refuge for all nature enthusiasts. Hyder Ali ordered it and his son Tipu Sultan finished it. The Government Botanical Garden contains uncommon species with French, Persian, and Afghani origins and the widest collection of rare plants. Do visit and treat your eyes and knowledge.


Church Street, named after St. Mark’s Cathedral, is one of Bangalore’s busiest and most well-liked streets. It is a stretch of merchants providing a wide range of goods and delectable delights, including gift shops, music stores, booksellers, restaurants, and cafes, some of which are the oldest in the city.



The Majestic Bangalore Palace, spread across 45,000 sq. ft. is the pinnacle of beautiful architecture and keeps the flavour of previous regal splendour. After hiring your cab services in Bangalore witness the opulence of the Scottish Gothic architecture, made from the inspiration of Windsor Castle in London. Watch the realistic paintings of Raja Ravi Verma, which are delightfully beautiful. The splendid walls and the Dubar Hall are truly mesmerising.


Bengaluru Bannerghatta Biological Park is a special area of significant ecological value. The Park is important for maintaining the region’s hydrology, sequestering carbon, and conserving the area’s rich floral and faunal diversity. Currently, the Park houses around 2300 animals from 102 species that are safeguarded in a naturalistic setting and get veterinary treatment.



This 300-acre green belt section contains 6000 trees from several families, adding to the region’s diverse flora and is regarded to be the ‘lungs’ of Bangalore. There are several noteworthy locations on the park’s grounds, including the Cubbon Park Museum, Attara Kacheri, Ringwood Circle, the bamboo grove nook, lotus pond, and more. A major highlight for nature lovers, walking within the aquarium is wonderfully enthralling and makes you feel as though you have entered the turquoise depths of the sea.


Do not miss being a part of live music, delectable food of variant cuisines and fun-loving people in Bangalore. The nightlife in Bangalore is always high spirited and one will find themselves immersed so much that time can’t tell.

Enjoy Bangalore and its richness, and take care of your safety and health. Book your cabs at Tejas Travels.

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