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45 min read | October 24, 2023

The holiday season and winter break are the busiest times in the travel industry. Organizing the perfect vacation takes time, but usually, most of the preparations are done at the last minute. When it comes to accommodation, most of the time, customers can find extremely cheap last-minute deals.

On the other hand, in the car rental industry, most of the time they pay a higher price when car booking just a few days in advance of the pick-up date. It could be when a customer hears our agent tell them they need a reservation. Think of it (more or less) as a tough sales strategy.

Car Rental

However, this is the best advice a client gets, even if he doesn't know it yet. Many times we are called to book a car we quoted a few weeks or a month before and the customer is disappointed by the high price. During peak season or major holidays, the rental price is higher anyway. As a result, last-minute bookings will have a bigger impact on the holiday budget. We've been in this industry long enough to understand the economics behind it.

In general, car rental prices are affected by several factors such as time of hire (season), location, type of car you rent, customer demand, and availability. We all know that car rental prices are different in each country or when you rent a bigger car the price will be much higher than a mini car or an economy class car.

However, many of you do not pay attention to the demand factor and the number of cars that have a great influence on the car rental price.

Why should you book a car early?

The main reasons why car booking a last minute car rental is not a good idea are higher prices and lack of available cars. Simply put: when there is high demand and low supply, car rental prices will be very high.

If customers book their car early (for example, a few months before Christmas or before the summer holidays), the price will be low enough because there are so many cars available. The more rental cars a supplier sells, the higher the prices for the last cars in stock. Therefore, bookings made at the last minute will always cost more.

At Tejas Tours and Travels, we will do our best to accommodate your requests at all times and provide you with the lowest prices available depending on your situation. However, the sooner you contact us, the more likely you are to get the best rates and offers.

About Tejas Tours and Travels

Tours and Trips Sometimes we just want to travel in a local private car. All of these trips can be short or long distances, with one or more family members, close friends, colleagues, or on business. Activation priority is a basic and important criterion. If the services of a travel agency are not efficient and at the right level, the whole trip can be ruined. The exact services provided by your chosen travel agency determine travel to and from all consecutive trips combined, attending important meetings, arriving on time to visit the place points, and more. User-friendly and simple Tejas Sightseeing and Touring Website. The easy-to-navigate website is also mobile-friendly. To ensure the security of customer data, all transactions are conducted through trusted channels. All major payment gateways, credit cards, debit cards, and online banking are accepted for car bookings with Tejas Tours and trips. Customer information is only stored and used to provide offers and discounts. A reliable company is the choice of many tourists in Bangalore. With the above information, it is clear that choosing the right travel agent is the first step to planning a successful vacation.

Tejas Tours and Travels offers last-minute bookings as we have several vehicles available e.g. cars, buses, minibusses, speed travelers, luxury cars, etc. Last Minute Car Rentals in Bangalore offers car rental, for your last-minute road trips. Our priority is the customer and we never let them down.

Login to our website to book taxi services online and enjoy

Quality Innova luxury car rental services in Bangalore

Dzire luxury cab travel as Airport taxi services in Bangalore

Etios luxury cab rentals for Outstation cabs/ rentals in Bangalore with a driver

Innova Crysta luxury car rentals is a luxury car rental in Bangalore.

Audi Q7 luxury cab hire are all Air-Conditioned Cabs (Cool + Warm)

Camry luxury car hire in Bangalore all have an Audio System

Corolla Altis car/cab travel in Bangalore is known for its comfortable Bucket Seat Spacious and ample leg space

Driver+ 4 to 7 Seating

Adjustable Power Seats

Every time you hire a car in Bangalore from us, each vehicle is sanitized from time and time as per COVID-19 protocol.

If you are looking for a cab hire in Bangalore, Tejas Travels is the best travel partner for all your in-station and outstation travel needs.

Car Rental in Bangalore

Whether it's car hire/taxi in Bangalore or car trips to remote resorts, Tejas Travels will do its best to provide the best car services in Bangalore. We have a strong and well-maintained fleet of taxis for travel, rental taxis, and rental taxis nearby. Providing bespoke services for car rental in Bangalore and ensuring safe taxi service in Bangalore is our forte. Taxi rides in Bangalore are increasingly in demand for several reasons. Traveling by car in Bangalore is very convenient traveling by taxi through car rental/taxi to save the hassle of parking, long tiring journeys, and wear and tear of your vehicle.

You will be happy to get car services in Bangalore at reasonable and competitive prices. Having spent decades providing taxi commuting services in Bangalore, Tejas Travels has grown from its experience to provide comfortable and accessible car travel in Bangalore at unbeatable taxi prices across the world per kilometer in Bangalore. We don’t charge more we offer at a convenient price whether book earlier or be it last minute booking.

Our Services:

1. Bus Rental
2. Car Rental
3. Tempo Traveller Rental
4. Minibus Rental
5. Student Transport Services
6. Outstation Vehicle Booking
7. Corporate Travel Service
8. Airport Transfer Service
9. Employee Transport Service
10. Wedding Luxury Car Rental

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