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40 min read | October 24, 2023

India has developed into an important center of medical tourism in recent years and is now one of the six travel destinations with the highest medical benefits in the world. Here's everything you need to know about it.

medical tourism
Medical Tourism

India is the price at which it can offer top-quality healthcare as well as complementary Ayurvedic treatments, giving it a unique position as a holistic healthcare provider. The government-planned initiatives, aptly named "Heal" in India, will ease visa and exchange standards for these patients, thereby unlocking the huge potential of medical tourism in the country. India is known worldwide as the land of natural medicine. India and Ayurveda have a long history.

Medical tourism or health tourism in India refers to the industry where international patients cross the border for medical, beauty, or wellness treatments. India has developed into an important center of medical tourism in recent years and is now one of the six travel destinations with the highest medical benefits in the world. The rapidly growing medical tourism industry has made Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Kochi a global travel destinations for millions of people in Asia and Africa who turn to these cities for all their surgical needs. Our unmatched knowledge, best doctors, vast experience, and best hospitals allow us to dominate the Indian medical tourism market. The patient can get affordable treatment packages in India.

health tourism
India Medical Tourism Scenario:

Medical tourism in India was estimated at US$9 billion in mid-2020, ranking India 10th in the global medical tourism index. Each year around 2 million patients from 78 countries travel to India for medical, wellness, and IVF treatments, generating US$6 billion for the industry which is expected to reach US$13 billion by 2026, supported by the Heal- Government initiative in India. This not only creates jobs, profits, and hard currency for hospitals but also creates a very valuable soft power for India and positions it as a global healing hub. It also creates a demand for high-end devices and drives the continuous modernization of Indian healthcare, resulting in a demand spiral that generates quality and therefore more demand.

India Medical Tourism Scenario
Medical Tourism Places in India

India is fast becoming the leading medical tourism industry. Excellent medical services are on par with those of developed countries and cost only a tenth of the cost. For years, tourists have been traveling to India not only to enjoy the sights and bustling life of the country but also for healthcare and medical treatment. This may be because healthcare is unavailable due to poor infrastructure or very high medical costs. Health tourism in India is expected to increase due to increased awareness of alternative medicine. Better facilities are expected to increase the flow of people into the country this year. Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Delhi are among the most popular medical tourism places in India.

Medical Tourism Places in India
Chennai and Mumbai

Chennai: One of India's most popular health destinations. According to a study by the Confederation of Indian Industry, almost 40% of patients choose Chennai because of the city's high standard of care. Chennai, "the health capital of India"; receives foreign patients for hip replacement surgery, eye surgery, heart bypass surgery, bone marrow transplants, and alternative medical procedures every year.

Top hospitals:

1. Apollo Hospitals
2. Fortis Malar Hospital
4. Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital

Mumbai: India's fastest-growing city for medical tourism and home to several specialty hospitals and a research and diagnostic center for orthopedic and weight loss procedures. Mumbai is also known for its Ayurvedic therapies and plastic surgery.

Best Hospitals:

1. Nanavati Hospital
2. Fortis Hospital
3. Lilavati Hospital and Research Center

Chennai and Mumbai
Delhi and Ahmedabad

New Delhi: Many excellent private hospitals including those offering general surgery, eye surgery, cardiac surgery, and neurosurgery for foreign patients can be found in the country's capital.

Best Hospitals:

2. Medanta the Medicine
4. Apollo Spectra Hospitals
5. Fortis Escorts Heart Institute

Ahmedabad: Another city that is rising as hub for health tourism in India and gaining importance in healthcare sector. Because of the world-class treatment and facilities people prefer to do their treatment here.

Top Hospitals:

1. Apollo Hospital
2. Sterling Hospital
3. SAL Hospital

Delhi and Ahmedabad
Bangalore and Goa

Bangalore: Well, we all know how popular Bangalore is for healthcare that provide top-class medical facilities and specialists. They aims to provide the best medical tourism in India with highly qualified specialist doctors and research teams.

Top Hospitals:

1. Fortis Hospital
2. Aster CMI
3. Apollo Hospital

Goa Foreign tourists often come to Goa for recreation and Goa is also emerging as a center for medical tourism. Goa's natural environment, popularity with visitors, and government support in promoting health and well-being have also made Goa a medical hub. To regenerate your body and mind while visiting the city for medical reasons, you may wish to visit Bonda's beaches, nature reserve, etc. a medical tourism center, and a collection of all kinds of health services. For several years, the country has been offering world-class services to medical tourists from all over the world who visit India. This includes world-class infrastructure, experienced doctors, affordable treatments, and great hospitality.

In addition, it became one of the largest English-speaking nations. It quickly adapts to the upcoming modern technologies. The hospitals here offer the guaranteed quality of their services as they are accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) and NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers).

Almost decades ago, traveling to another country for treatment was big business. However, nowadays people from all countries have access to all information about hospitals, doctors, and hotels in other places. The process of medical travel in India is much easier now. In addition, the country has provided a separate visa category (medical visa) exclusively for people entering the country to receive healthcare services.

Bangalore and Goa
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