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30 min read | October 24, 2023

Learning by seeing, hearing, and doing Children learn through hands-on experience, through seeing, hearing, and doing. With a combination of stunning life-size art, interesting stories of Indian epics, and entertaining games, educational trips for students stimulate interest in mythology, history, culture, and art. Art in their children's minds. Students are smart, brilliant, and intelligent. But do they know well the cultural and patrimonial riches of India of which they are heirs and future custodians?

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is one of India's most popular cosmopolitan cities. Named "The Fastest Growing City of The Next Decade" by Forbes, the city travels back in time and is full of historic landmarks, prestigious colleges, and universities, headquarters of global IT executives, revolutionary startup spaces, and plenty of quirky and quirky cafes. It is rich in nature and wildlife and offers stunning weekends everywhere.

Educational Tours from Bangalore

Here in this article, we have listed down some of the educational places to visit for educational trips in Bangalore.

Lalbagh is one of the oldest botanical gardens in India and also a major tourist attraction in South India. One of the largest botanical gardens in India that is located in south Bengaluru. With landscaped walkways, greenhouses, and ornamental flowers growing throughout the property. The garden was commissioned by the famous ruler Hyder Ali and completed by his son tipu sultan.

The garden covered 240 hectares and is home to exotic flowers that are brought from countries like Arabia, France, etc. by the sultan. You can find trees that Tipu Sultan from all over the world. One can also see rare bird species such as kites, myna, parakeets, marsh egret, etc. there is another attraction besides the beautiful flora and fauna is Lalbagh rock, which is 3000 years old and said to be the oldest rock in the world. It is in the middle of the garden. a great place for educational field trips in Bangalore.


Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, or JNP for short, is a popular tourist attraction for children and their parents who love science and space. The main attraction is the planetarium's Sky Theater, which is operated by the Bangalore Association for Science Education (BASE).

Various shows are held in this domed theater that arouses the curiosity of people of all ages to learn more about celestial objects such as the sun, moon, planets, meteors, black holes, etc.

Some exhibitions provide a comprehensive understanding of the history of the development of space exploration, such as the first manned landing in space or space missions.

The second major attraction of the planetarium is the "telescope" located in the observatory. During special astronomical events, such as the sighting of a certain planet or a solar eclipse, celestial events can be observed directly through a telescope.

The Bangalore Planetarium has a science park where children can watch their class teach physics experiments like outdoor resonance. JNP is attended by school children to provide young minds with practical knowledge of space and the technologies used in space missions, helping these young masters become pioneers in future space exploration.

JNP organizes various events such as Know Your Stars and Monthly Movies. These days, space enthusiasts from across the city flock to the planetarium for special talks and workshops.

The planetarium differs from its contemporaries with its state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated architecture and is the city's most sought-after venue for scientific discussions and scientific events.

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium
Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

The aquarium is one of the must-visit places in Bangalore. Located in Cubbon Park, it is the largest aquarium in Bangalore with a diverse collection of exotic fish such as siamese, goldfish, fighting fish, freshwater shrimp, redtail shark, catla, moon tail shark, angelfish, pearl gourami, hockey stick tetra, etc.

This diamond-shaped building is rich in aquatic flora and fauna and extends over three floors with a total of about 14 pools on the first floor and 69 on the second floor.

Lovers of aquatic life must visit this massive aquarium easily recognizable in Cubbon Park. Perfect for elementary school trips in Bangalore.

As one of the major tourist attractions in Bangalore, the HAL Aerospace Museum was opened in 2001 to educate the public about HAL travel. Developed as Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, HAL is one of the largest and most well-known aerospace companies in Asia. The museum is a vision of the advances in the aviation sector in India, both commercial and defense.

Visitors to the museum can experience the ultimate aviation experience in a fascinating environment that illustrates the subject both in theory and in practice. A visit to this museum will give you a great insight into the history of Indian aviation.

The various achievements, experiments, and adventures that the association has carried out throughout its existence are presented in various formats in the museum. Various Indian Air Force assets are also on display in the museum. For those with an intense interest in aviation, it can be a breathtaking experience.

All in all, we can say that the above educational places in Bangalore are perfect for student study trips.


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Learning by Seeing, Hearing, and Making Children learn through real experience by seeing, hearing, and doing. With a combination of beautiful vibrant artwork, exciting stories from Indian epics, and entertaining games, the educational trips for students will stimulate interest in mythology, history, culture, and art. Art in the minds of children. Smart, bright, and smart students. But are they well aware of the cultural richness and heritage of India to which they are the heirs and guardians of the future?Read more >>

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