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15 min read | October 24, 2023

Fancy heading to the mountains but tired of the same options like Ooty and Munnar? Given that the pandemic has forced us to look for lesser-known and less-visited destinations, we've found a place, especially for you! About 50km from Munnar and nestled in the hilly region is a small town called Kanthalloor. With the climate ranging from pleasantly cool (in summer) to very cold (in winter), this place is the perfect getaway when you need a break from the tourist crowds and stereotypes.

Bangalore to Kanthalloor trip package
Bangalore to Kanthalloor trip package

The next time you're planning a trip to the mountains, skip the usual Munnar plans and head to Kanthalloor, a lesser-known town known for its sprawling farmsteads, small-town charm, and scenic, scenic beauty that deserves a mention. Kanthalloor and its surroundings are part of the evergreen Shola Forest and the rugged terrain offers scenic beauty in the form of waterfalls, mountain views, eucalypt forests, and wildlife.

In addition, the wide range of organic and exotic fruits, vegetables, and flowers that grow there is extremely exciting for lovers of this type of product. You can take your adventurous trip from Bangalore to Kanthalloor by car and use our Bangalore to Kantalloor Trip Package.

However, there is plenty to explore if you are planning to visit the city. The cave temple dedicated to Sri Rama in the middle of the forest and the Keezhanthoor waterfalls are just some of the must-see attractions. Muniyara in Anakottapara Park (a few kilometers away) houses dolmens, ancient burial sites believed to date from the Stone Age. The place will amaze you with its slight resemblance to Stonehenge and the tranquility that surrounds it. In our opinion perfect for a late afternoon or evening!

This small town is full of bed and breakfasts where you can park during your trip. However, we recommend that you choose an agritourism that will allow you to recharge your batteries amid lush nature and an old farmhouse. Kanthalloor is famous for its orchards (reputed to be the only place in South India where apples are grown), vegetable farms, and terraced farms, which promise beautiful views everywhere. So add farm visits and strolls to your exploration plans while you're here. Oh, and on the way back be sure to stop by the Jaggery Making Center where you can watch the process and even get flavored jaggery! Plan a weekend, folks.

Kanthaloor Apple garden
Kanthaloor Apple Garden

Kanthalloor and the surrounding areas are part of the Shola evergreen forest and the rugged terrain offers scenic beauty with waterfalls, mountain views, eucalyptus forests, and wildlife.

In Kanthalloor and the surrounding villages, farms and orchards grow a range of exotic fruits, vegetables, and flowers, and for a small fee, visitors can tour private gardens and even buy products and plants. Trekking and off-road safaris are among the highlights of an adventure trip, although there isn't much wildlife apart from the usual gaurs, peacocks, wild boar, etc.

Ervaikulam National Park is not far away and is home to the Nilgiris Thar. Please note that the park is only open at certain times of the year. Visit orchards and flower farms, ancient temples, a jaggery craft production site, mystical stone relics called dolmens, etc. These are just some of the things to do around the village.

Kanthalloor Jungle Safari
Adventure Off Road Trip

Directions –

Kanthalloor is located 460 km from Bangalore.

The journey by car or taxi takes about 8 hours. The route to be taken is Bangalore-Hosur-Salem-Udumalpet-Marayoor-Kanthalloor. The roads are very good, there are good restaurants along the way and best of all Tamil Nadu seems to have clean public toilets at regular intervals which is a godsend. Book us from Bangalore to Kanthalloor trip package by car.

The nearest airports are Cochin (178 km - 5 hours’ drive) and Coimbatore (145 km - 3.5 hours drive) and these are also the nearest major train stations. The best way to get to Kanthalloor from these two towns is by taxi. Some buses will take you to various nearby towns such as Udumalpet, Marayoor, and Munnar, from where you will again depend on a resort or private taxi to get to the other side. Take our journey from Bangalore to Kanthalloor by bus.

Comfortable multi-axle AC buses also run day and night from Bangalore. The duration is around 10 hours and the night bus ride takes you straight to Marayoor which is 14 km from Kanthalloor. Local transport is required for the last part. Shola forests are defined as montane (montane) tropical evergreen forests and their vegetation is unique and belongs to the southern montane variant of moist forests (wiki).

Kanthaloor Beautiful Landscape
Kanthaloor Beautiful Landscape

The rolling mountains are covered with evergreen plants and the cone-shaped eucalyptus peaks that tower over the hillside form a towering pattern that is lush and soothing. Anamudi, the highest mountain in southern India, is one such mountain range.

Hiking or even driving a 4x4 to admire the panorama from the top of the mountains is an experience not to be missed. A jeep tour or a 4x4 ride gives us a very different experience from our stay in Kanthalloor. In this small town, we can meet many jeep drivers. They will take us into some of the inner parts of the forests and tribal community.

Unique Viewpoint (Othakal para): This is an off-road route that takes us into a forest area. We will drive over narrow and bumpy roads that offer a real off-road experience. From the parking lot, we have to walk about 1 km on a narrow path to reach the top of the mountain. It is a truly picturesque place and a photographer's paradise

Bhramaram Location: Famous after the Malayalam film Bhramaram in which Mohanlal drives a jeep to the top of this rocky mountain. Although not a full off-road tour, it is best to go by jeep as the road conditions are poor for cars. To reach this easy rock lookout you have to walk about 500 meters from the parking lot along a narrow path. The area is surrounded by lemongrass farms. The view from the top of this rock is breathtaking and the view of the sunset from here is a very beautiful landscape.

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