Corporate Travel Services

In current situations it is horrible and dangerous to travel on Bangalore roads and to reach their offices on time due to heavy traffic and rash driving vehicles. It is being a huge fight for a common person to reach office and to reach home after office working hours. At the same time they are effecting with pollution which are evolved from other vehicles, facing other so many problems like maintaining time, traffic signals, etc. With the above mentioned problem employees are struggling heavily in means of physically and mentally. This situation will cause some loss to the companies and corporates.

Currently we are famous and well known travel agency in Bangalore, once we get to know that some of our employees are facing problems while reaching the office and returning back home. So the management of Teja's travels has decided to provide pick up and drop of the employees. After the scenario our MD taught that we should not fix to the day trips and tours, we have to provide service to the corporate and small scale industries.

Teja's travels are stretching its arms to serve the corporate companies and small scale industries by offering daily picks up and drop off their employees. A company can hire the vehicles based on monthly, daily, hourly rental basis as well as a number of persons basis. Our vehicles are maintained perfectly and are good conditions throughout the year. Not only daily pickups and drop up – we will help in team outings, excursions, day tours, weekend tours, holiday trips, etc.....

Why Teja's Travels

  • Experienced chauffeurs.
  • Well maintained and conditioned vehicles.
  • 24/7 help desk support.
  • why tejas tours and travels
  • Reasonable price when compared with the market price.
  • Educated on board staff to assist employees if necessary.
  • A fleet vehicles to accommodate any number of people.
  • Eco vehicles which doesn't harm environment.
  • Friendly environment inside the vehicle.

Advantages of corporate employee

  • Login and Logout will be done accurately.
  • Take rest in the vehicle while travelling.
  • Pollution control and time saving.
  • Have joy and fun with Co employees..

Advantages of corporate and companies

  • Expect their employees to login and logout as per the company policies.elfare to reduce traffic.
  • Employees will work with no pressure and no tension keeping in mind of travelling( when compared with public transport service to reach offices).
  • Improves work efficiency.

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